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Competition Date
Tuning Meets Balen Results  Route 14-07-2024
Tuning Night Meeuwen Results  Route 13-07-2024
Black devil en Bad Girl crew meeting 3e editie Website  Results  Route 26-05-2024
Customville 2024 Website  Results  Route 19-05-2024
Carsensation II Website  Results  Route 01-05-2024
Loweaster Website  Results  Route 01-04-2024
Rev it up Urk Results  Route 30-09-2023
CARaddiction Finals Belgium Results  Route 24-09-2023
Meeting Free Drivers Crew Website  Results  Route 16-09-2023
Nosferatu Results  Route 10-09-2023
Fuerza Car Event 2nd edition Website  Results  Route 03-09-2023
Herdenkingscarmeet Jelle Results  Route 08-08-2023
Running Aces SHOWTIME Website  Results  Route 25-06-2023
Customville 2023 Results  Route 19-06-2023
Rollin Winschoten Results  Route 29-05-2023
Black devil en Bad Girl crew Website  Results  Route 28-05-2023
Top Tuning Website  Results  Route 21-05-2023
Tuning Day 4 All Returns. Website  Results  Route 06-05-2023
Sickest Crew Eggs n Bunnies Results  Route 09-04-2023
Hart voor Auto's Showtime Results  Route 16-03-2023
dB-Contest Belgium Finals 2022 Results  Route 22-10-2022
United Projects Presents CARaddiction 2k22 Website  Results  Route 25-09-2022
Ninth Car Meeting Team Underground-Streetdogz Website  Results  Route 25-09-2022
Passion Cars for Fushion 2 Results  Route 17-09-2022
Fuerza Car Event 1st edition Results  Route 04-09-2022
Flevoautoshow Website  Results  Route 14-08-2022
Tuning4drivers Results  Route 06-08-2022
AWF Tuning meets Street Dreams Summer Edition Website  Results  Route 03-07-2022
Overtaken Summer Edition Results  Route 12-06-2022
Tuning meets KRC Genk Website  Results  Route 18-04-2022
Carevolution VIII Results  Route 27-03-2022
HOW Tuningday 17 Website  Results  Route 17-10-2021
SAD Boi Belgische Finales 2021 Results  Route 02-10-2021
All Cars Summer Meet Website  Results  Route 04-09-2021
Old school Tuning Meeting Website  Results  Route 28-08-2021
Antwerp Tuning Day Website  Results  Route 15-08-2021
1ste meeting ter attentie van Bryan de Vuyst Website  Results  Route 07-08-2021
Automaxx Streetpower 2020 Website  Results  Route 11-10-2020
Gr8 Summer Jam Website  Results  Route 22-08-2020
United Projects Midnight 2k20 Results  Route 09-07-2020
Eight Car Meet Beilen by Team Underground Street Dogz NL Finals Website  Results  Route 27-10-2019
United Projects Halloween Night n7 Belgium Finals Website  Results  Route 26-10-2019
Petrol Car Event Website  Results  Route 13-10-2019
Judgement Night 9 Website  Results  Route 29-09-2019
When Friends Become Family Website  Results  Route 21-09-2019
United Projects 12 Website  Results  Route 08-09-2019
Tuning for Animals 10 Website  Results  Route 18-08-2019
Lost Ones Charity meet Results  Route 03-08-2019
Rolling Winschoten. Website  Results  Route 10-06-2019
Elst on Wheels. Website  Results  Route 02-06-2019
Big Sunday KFC Treffen Website  Results  Route 26-05-2019
Seventh Car Meet Beilen by Team Underground Street Dogz Website  Results  Route 26-05-2019
TTK All Cars Audio and Pleasure 2019 Website  Results  Route 19-05-2019
Ostfriesen Tuning Day. Website  Results  Route 05-05-2019
Modified Nationals Website  Results  Route 19-04-2019
Automaxx Streetpower 2019 Website  Results  Route 10-03-2019
Sixth Car Meet in Beilen. Website  Results  Route 21-10-2018
dB-Contest Finals 2018 @ End of Summer meeting Kampen. Website  Results  Route 07-10-2018
Next Generation Meeting Urk. Website  Results  Route 25-08-2018
dB-Contest @ Underground Street Dogz Meeting Beilen Website  Results  Route 19-08-2018
Cars & Bikes Dedemsvaria 2k18 Website  Results  Route 04-08-2018
Peels Selected Helmond Website  Results  Route 29-07-2018
Fourth Car Meet Beilen Website  Results  Route 29-07-2018
Team Underground Street Dogz Thirth Car Meet in Beilen Website  Results  Route 27-05-2018
Modified Nationals UK Website  Results  Route 25-05-2018
Rolling Winschoten Website  Results  Route 21-05-2018
Ostfriesen Tuning Day Germany Website  Results  Route 06-05-2018
TLB Treffen Niedersachsen Germany. Website  Results  Route 22-04-2018
IndoorTTCarMeet 2 Assen Website  Results  Route 21-04-2018
dB-Contest @ Tuning Team Kampen Website  Results  Route 15-04-2018
TT/CT's 9th Birthdaybash Website  Results  Route 01-04-2018
dB-Contest @ Underground Street Dogz Meeting Beilen Website  Results  Route 25-03-2018
dB-Contest Finals @ 100% Tuning Ahoy Rotterdam. Website  Results  Route 30-09-2017
Tuning for Animals 9 Belgium Website  Results  Route 20-08-2017
IMCW - International Modified Car World - Kalkar 2017 Website  Results  Route 20-08-2017
Tuner Paradise Website  Results  Route 24-06-2017
Rolling Winschoten 2017 Website  Results  Route 05-06-2017
Elst on Wheels 2017 Website  Results  Route 28-05-2017
Ostfriesen Tuning DAY (dB-Contest by Team G.Punkt Germany) Website  Results  Route 21-05-2017
Royal Riderz Kickoff Meeting 2K17 Website  Results  Route 30-04-2017
Indoor TT Car Meet Assen. Website  Results  Route 29-04-2017
TT/CT 8th Birthday Bash (Other brands than Opel are welcome) Website  Results  Route 09-04-2017
Grand Opening, OCD Finish Badhoevedorp. Website  Results  Route 18-03-2017
Team Epic Kickof 2017 Website  Results  Route 04-03-2017
3. Int Markenoffenes Saisonabschluss Event By Vw VolksFreunde Website  Results  Route 25-09-2016
First Car Meet Beilen Underground Street Dogz Results  Route 28-08-2016
Tuning For Animals 8 Website  Results  Route 21-08-2016
Dragon Racing Tuning & Carlovers Day Results  Route 24-07-2016
Quartermile Events weekend. Drachten Holland. Results  Route 22-07-2016
Ultimate Car Experience (ICE XTRA) Results  Route 10-07-2016
2.Int Markenoffenes Event By Vw VolksFreunde (Team G.Punkt dB-Contest) Results  Route 10-07-2016
Tuner Paradise 2016 Results  Route 25-06-2016
Automat Meeting 2016 Results  Route 12-06-2016
2e All Car Gezellig Samen Zijn Meeting Heerenveen. Results  Route 05-06-2016
All Car en Truck Meeting Winschoten Results  Route 16-05-2016
Team Eye-Catchers first Edition Breda Results  Route 10-04-2016
Proud to Have Sound 19 Maart Alkmaar Results  Route 19-03-2016
Carstyle en Tuningbeurs Winschoten Results  Route 25-10-2015
Team TNT Avondmeet 22-8-2015 Emmeloord Results  Route 22-08-2015
DTR Streetpower Deventer Results  Route 22-08-2015
Mazda 323F club Summer Gathering Results  Route 16-08-2015
Ice Xtra Ultimate Car Experience Results  Route 28-06-2015
Tuner Paradise 2015 Results  Route 20-06-2015
AST Hardenberg Demodag. Results  Route 13-06-2015
Peels Selected Results  Route 31-05-2015
Nathaniëls overwinningsmeet Results  Route 09-05-2015